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How much time does a copper repipe take?

Generally a full coper repiping job takes 1-2 days. You will not have to leave your home or property
apartment for fear of not having water or being able to take a shower. You do not have to leave the house
or apartment either. Our professional installers and technicians will keep your home running
with extra care.

The Rust- This are signs of rust deterioration factors, the water can become dirty, smelling, bad to drink.
• Low water pressure
• Not able to drink water

Hidden Leaks can develop inside walls of property a major risk of damage to the entire home.

The answer to the problem, Repipe with Hard Copper or Pex Material.
• It does not rust and will not develop the breaking down
• Saves you money
• New copper pipes will give you proper water pressure throughout your home, apartment
• Eliminate Costly water damage


CA License # C36-878188

1 (855) 649-7511

• No Leaking Pipes
• Clean Water
• No Rusty Pipes
• Copper Repipes & Pex Repipes
• Wall Patching
• Texturing
• Clean Personnel
• Best Service
• Satisfaction Guaranteed

Installation Procedures:
• Step 1-  Site Inspection
• Step 2-  System Layout
• Step 3-  Preparation
• Step 4-  Installation
• Step 5- Performance
• Step 6- Wall Repair
• Step 7- Job Completion & Inspection

We do it all, We Keep Your Home Clean!
We will fully clean and patch any holes after the repipe project so once we are complete it will look that we were never there. Some contractors will require you to hire another company to patch your walls, but not us. We do everything to complete the repipe job on time.

There are many reasons why you need to consider residential repiping services for your home or apartment buildings. If your property is old, you likely have zinc lined pipes. Your pipes may be producing rust colored water, may be adding a strong odor to the water, or may be affecting the quality of water in some other way. You certainly do not want to bathe or drink this kind of water. California Coast Plumbing and Repiping
has the solution for your home or apartment property. No matter if you need a repipe service for a home bathroom, apartment complex, we work with small and big properties. Repiping a residential property may sound complicated, but we are experienced plumbers who know the field for over 25 years.

The Water Pressure in the main lines, at the street pipes might be fine but as the
water enters to your property and moves through your home, the clogged pipes reduce the
volume of water that can go to the fixtures.

Why choose us:

• Owner on job site at all times, on each job
• No pressure on sales
• No down payment required
• We are clean after job completion
• We treat each job with respect and care
• We furnish labor and material lien releases
• We are insured, licensed, bonded
• Customer satisfaction guaranteed
• We never subcontract our work
• We specialize in  Copper Repiping Apartments and        Residential Buildings
• Most jobs done in one day